Two Ways Homeowners Can Help the Efforts of a Water Restoration Professional

Floods have the potential to completely destroy a home, but water restoration professionals can typically help undo most of the damage, returning a home close to its original state. However, this partially hinges on the actions of the homeowner. Immediately after a home flood, the actions of the homeowner will have a lot to do with just how successful the water restoration services are. Here are a couple of things every homeowner should remember in the event of a flood.

Don't Move Objects from the Flooded Area

Avoid removing items from a flooded area. More specifically, don't move those items that have come in direct contact with floodwaters, such as furniture or any other objects on the floor. Take a couch, for example. Contrary to popular belief, returning a couch to its preflood condition takes more than just letting it dry out. Depending on how long the couch has been sitting in the water, a professional water extraction tool will need to be used.

More importantly, depending on the source of the water, it will need to be inspected for bacteria or mold growth. Simply moving the furniture to another area of your home only transports excess water and the potential for greater water damage in another area. Additionally, moving objects can also spread the bacteria or mold growth to another area. It's generally best to allow a water restoration professional to both assess and move any objects around your home.

Don't Fail to Ventilate

Immediately after the discovery of a flood, one of the most important things to do is ventilate the space. When you ventilate the space, you allow more air to circulate through the flood area, which will in turn help speed up the drying process. Ventilation can also help lower the risk for mold growth. The excess water in your home also increases the level of humidity in your home. The higher the humidity level, the greater the chance of mold.

Ventilating the space can help lower the humidity level. Performing this step is as simple as opening the doors and windows in your home. Additionally, if you have any ceilings fans that you can safely access in the flooded area, you should also turn them on to assist in the process. Make sure you keep ventilating the area until the water restoration team arrives.

Don't let your actions hinder the efforts of the water restoration team charged with restoring your home. Be smart and proactive for the best results. For help after a flood, contact a service like EccoPros Disaster Restoration LLC.