Fighting Mold: The Danger After The Flood

If you are the victim of home flooding, your first task is to get the water out of your home and try to save the building from structural damage. If you act quickly, you can also rescue some of your furnishings. As important as these tasks are, you must not neglect mold removal, a necessary step after water overtakes your house.

Mold Dangers

Promptly contacting a water restoration company is essential to save your possessions and stop mold from invading your home. Experts say that mold can begin to grow in your house within 48 hours of the flooding. Breathing mold spores may lead to a host of health issues, including breathing problems, sinus infections, and skin and eye irritation. Mold also may exacerbate existing health conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The World Health Organization has linked mold exposure to actually causing asthma in some children. 

Finding Mold

Professionals know where to look for mold, which can hide in spaces the average person cannot find. Often it grows on the back of paneling, wallpaper, and dry wall. It can also be on the top of ceiling tiles and underneath carpets. It may lurk behind your furnace and near drainpipes. If you do not find and remove all the mold in your home, it will simply grow back. Professional mold remediation crews can completely rid your home of mold, a result you may not be able to match. 

Mold Remediation

If you try and remove the mold yourself, you may inadvertently inhale the spores or fail to remove all of the infestation. The professionals will show up in protective clothing, including special suits, goggles, and respirators. You will be asked to take your family and pets off the premises. The process will take several days and likely involve spraying your home on day one with biocide, a substance that kills mold. Day two will find the professionals applying encapsulates, substances that trap any mold spores that remain. Also, many of these companies will guarantee their work, so if the mold is not completely eradicated, they will come back and fix the problem. 

Torrential rains, hurricanes, and backed-up pipes can all cause flooding in your home. Calling a company that specializes in water and mold control is the best step you can take. Trying to save your belongings and protect your home from mold are tasks that require special training. You will spend less in the long term by hiring professionals. 

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