Four DIY Tips On How To Freshen Up An Older Mattress

Giving your mattress a deep clean can be important if you have been using the mattress for a long time or are planning to move the mattress into another room, such as a children's room or guest room. In order for you to give the mattress the best clean possible, consider the following four tips that you can do on your own to give the mattress a thorough clean.

Vacuum the Mattress Using a Handheld Brush

Before beginning to use any liquids on the mattress, make sure that any dry debris are removed. Instead of beating the mattress while positioned on its side to shake out dust, consider using a handheld attachment to your vacuum. Running a brush over the mattress will help remove any dry particles on the bed and will not require you to move it anywhere.

Spot Clean Any Problem Areas

Stains can be frustrating to deal with when cleaning the mattress, but you can remove stains effectively if you follow the right steps. Blotting the stain if there is any liquid present is a good first step, along with using an upholstery shampoo and white vinegar. These compounds can help remove any odors and will also help to remove the appearance of any stains.

Spray It Lightly and Allow to Dry Completely

To give the entire mattress a good clean, consider giving it a good spray with a fabric-safe cleaning solution. After the entire mattress has been spayed, make sure that it is dried properly. This can be done by opening the windows and allowing some of the sunlight to hit the mattress or positioning a fan near the mattress.

Allowing the mattress to dry entirely is essential since it will help you avoid mildew growth due to moisture being left over.

Use Essential Oils to Help Add a Pleasant Fragrance

If you want the mattress to have a pleasant fragrance, consider using essential oils instead of commercial fragrance sprays. Creating your own air freshener to be used on the carpet is as simple as mixing water and a few drops of essential oil in a water bottle and applying to the mattress. Spraying the entire mattress, allowing it to dry, and covering with your sheets can ensure that it smells great.

Cleaning your mattress can be confusing if you have never done it before and are worried about causing damages by accident. With the tips above in mind, you will be able to thoroughly clean the mattress without any negative side effects. 

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