How to Fix a Staircase Hand Railing

Over time, the hand rails on your staircase can come loose. If this happens, it can eventually break or fall off, resulting in the possibility of someone falling. It's important that the hand rails are tightly attached to the staircase at all times. If you've noticed that your hand rails are coming loose, they can easily be repaired yourself. Here are some simple steps that will show you how to tighten up and repair a loose hand railing.

What to Look For

Usually, hand rails come loose because the wood around the screws has become worn out, causing the screws to loosen up. Look closely along the hand rail, checking for loose screws. You may need to get underneath the staircase to get a better perspective in order to determine which sections or posts have come loose. Have someone else gently move the railing while you check to easily pinpoint the problem areas. You should also look at the screws attaching the hand rail bracket to the wall; these often come loose before anything else. 

Making a Simple Fix

The easiest way to remedy the problem of a loose hand railing is to simply tighten any loose screws you find. You can use a screwdriver or a drill, whichever you prefer, just make sure that the head of the current screws are not stripped and that they are in overall good condition. If not, you may need to replace the whole screw. If it turns out that the wood of the railing itself has become worn out, you might end up having to purchase a few new replacement spindles instead of simply tightening the screws. Make sure the issue is with the screw itself and not the actual railing's condition.

Fixing the Bracket

The main bracket screws on a stair hand rail tend to come loose first, since this is where people grab onto as they ascend or descend the stairs. Make sure that the screws will fit tightly into the walls. If they do not, remove them and add a drywall anchor before reattaching the screw. You can also use longer screws that will go deeper into the wall in order to hold the bracket more securely. The bracket for the handrail should be fastened to a stud in the wall. If not, use a stud finder to locate the stud, and move the bracket to this location. This will give the railing much better security and support, and can ensure that everyone uses the staircase safely.

However, if you need any repairs on metal railing, whether indoors or outdoors, consider calling a welding professional, such as Weld Pro, to discuss your concerns.