3 Tips For Cleaning Your Microwave With Ease

Microwaves are truly one of the best inventions around. They let you heat your food up on the go, without having to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen over a hot stove. When you lead a busy life, a microwave is a must. However, you have to take some time every once in a while to clean your microwave out. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a bunch of built up food particles inside that leave little to be desired. If you aren't sure where to start with cleaning your microwave, here are three simple tips to simplify the process.

Start with a damp cloth.

The first thing you need to do is grab a damp cloth. Use that cloth to get rid of any loose food crumbs inside of your microwave. The dampness of the cloth will help the particles stick to it and make cleaning the area quicker and more efficient. Try to get out as much as you can before you proceed to the next step.

Bring on the lemon.

After all the crumbs are out, you want to grab a lemon, a small bowl and some water. Fill that bowl up with the water and add in half of the lemon. Set your bowl inside of the microwave. Set the temperature to high and let it go for a couple minutes. Once your timer goes off, take your bowl out of the microwave and wet a cloth down. Since the water is going to be quite warm, you might want to give your mix just a few minutes to cool. You can always don a pair of rubber gloves if you cannot wait for the water to cool down. That lemony mixture on the cloth combined with the warm temperatures will help to get rid of a lot of the grime.

White vinegar combats tough stains.

If you still have any tough stains hanging around, you can add in a small amount of white vinegar and try wiping with that. Once done, you will want to leave the microwave door open to allow the vinegar smell to dissipate. When you no longer smell the vinegar inside, you can close the door.

In the end, you are left with a sparkling, clean microwave that will continue warming your food for quite some time. If you have something else going on, you can always turn to a microwave repair technician for assistance. For more information, contact a business that handles microwave oven repair.