How To Get Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Done The Right Way

Maintaining the lifting power of a hydraulic system is likely to eventually call for repair work to be done. Whether you're dealing with a situation that calls for a rebuild, such as putting in new hydraulic seals, or one that demands parts be replaced or machined, you may want to hire a professional to assist you. By addressing these four concerns, you can see that the job will be done the right way.

Branded Products

Finding out what kinds of machines a hydraulic cylinder repair company is willing to work is an important first step. Some may only specialize in repairing one type, such as components from Cat. Others may do many kinds, but not work on a specific brand, so take the time to be exact about the machine you're asking them to fix.

How They Handle Work

There are many ways to handle projects, and your circumstances will dictate which approach you use. Some companies want components dismounted and shipped to them, while others are happy to come out to customers' sites to do work in the field. You may also want to inquire about whether they offer help reinstalling components.

You can usually save some money by disconnecting parts yourself and shipping them to a hydraulic cylinder repair services provider. It's important, however, to have confidence in your ability to disconnect any components without creating more trouble.


Having some understanding of a customer's industry can be beneficial when performing hydraulic cylinder repairs. Certain stresses on systems might seem unusual to someone who doesn't know the context of the work being done. If a setup appears to be having problems coping with a particular job, someone familiar with your requirements may be in a better position to recommend solutions. This can be helpful when you need advice about doing repairs or moving on.

Custom Work

Depending on the availability of replacement parts, custom work may need to be performed. It's good to know in advance of a project whether a company you'll be dealing with has an in-house machine shop that can produce replacement parts or even custom upgrades. This is especially the case if you're worried about the ability to repair an older piece of equipment. Even if you think the job is going to be simple, it's nice to know that the capabilities are there in the event there's more trouble than you expected.

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