Two Ways Homeowners Can Help the Efforts of a Water Restoration Professional

Floods have the potential to completely destroy a home, but water restoration professionals can typically help undo most of the damage, returning a home close to its original state. However, this partially hinges on the actions of the homeowner. Immediately after a home flood, the actions of the homeowner will have a lot to do with just how successful the water restoration services are. Here are a couple of things every homeowner should remember in the event of a flood. Read More 

Structural Engineers And Demolition: When You Might Be Advised To Tear Something Down

Structural engineers spend most of their days working on ways to repair, restore and rebuild everything from roads and overpasses to bridges and skyscrapers. What happens when an engineer tells you that it would be better to tear something down? Here are some reasons why a structural engineer would advise a complete demolition rather than repair or restoration. The Supporting Structures Are Beyond Repair If you have a very old bridge or a very old house and the feet or foundation are too badly damaged for proper repairs and restoration, a structural engineer will advise you to tear them down and rebuild. Read More 

Three Tips For Dealing With Water Damage

If your home's been damaged by water, you're at risk of structural issues, mildew and mold growth. The more you understand about how to respond to this type of disaster, the better off you'll be in terms of avoiding long-term complications and hazards from the water. Here are a few tips that can help you tackle water damage head-on and protect your home. Safe Power Management If there's any standing or running water in any part of the house, you need to shut down the power to that part of the home immediately. Read More 

Tips For Choosing A Welder For Your Auto Body Restoration Project

If you're jumping into your first automotive restoration project and you'll be building custom panels with sheet metal, you're going to want to be sure you have a high-quality welder to get the job done. For most automotive purposes, the best welder for your needs is going to be wire fed. These are usually easier for new welders to get the hang of, making your metal fabrication project a success. Most wire fed welders will function on a standard household power current, too, so you won't need a specialty outlet to run it. Read More